In the apprenticeship program in NB, you will receive a combination of on the job training and related classroom training, designed to produce fully qualified persons of journeyperson status in the Roofer occupation. Under the direction of an employer and qualified instructors, you will become fully familiar with the materials, tools, principles and skills required in the Roofer occupation.

During your training, specific tasks will include:

  • the application of built-up roofs, the laying of vapor barriers and insulation, the securing, mopping, stripping and gravelling of roofs including the fabrication and installation of all sheet metal roof related flashings;
  • the application of asphalt saturated shingles;
  • the application of modified bitumen roofing systems;
  • the application of single ply roofing
  • the installation of tapered roof insulation systems in accordance with manufacturers’ layout drawings;
  • the application of membrane waterproofing to foundation walls, floor slabs and bridge decks;
  • the inspecting of problem roofs and determining the extent and procedures of repair or removal and replacement;
  • the installation of all roof drain inserts and drain clamps;
  • the use of all hand and power equipment used by the roofing industry;
  • the installation of roof accessories, roof vent flashings and anchor bolt flashings;
  • the interpreting of blueprints and specifications for job requirements;
  • working in coordination with allied occupations engaged in construction; and
  • a knowledge of the regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act as specified in WHMIS and of the standards set by the roofing industry.

This training program requires a minimum of 5400 hours of employment and training.

In New Brunswick a Diploma of Apprenticeship and a Certificate of Qualification will be awarded upon successful completion of 5400 hours of on the job and technical training and the final examination. In most instances, an Interprovincial Red Seal will be affixed to these documents.

A person who has gained the equivalent of 7200 hours of practical experience in the Roofer occupation may apply to challenge the certification examination. Successful candidates will receive a New Brunswick Certificate of Qualification. In most instances, an Interprovincial Red Seal will be affixed to the document.

(from NB Roofer Certification website noted above).

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