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Local 437 was chartered as a local of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association July 26th, 1963. Currently, Local 437 has members working in the sheet metal, and roofing industries in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (PEI). Our skilled tradesmen and women work primarily in the ICI (Industial, Commercial, Institution) sector of the construction industry, both on job sites and in production shops. Following are a list of our Officers:


Brad Nice: Elected PRESIDENT July 26th 2017 He chairs all of our meetings. Brad came from holding position of Trustee for the past three years and has been a member of this local for the past 10. He will be an asset to the Union along with a strong hand at the head of his executive board.

David Mowbray

David Mowbray – As of July 2017 is again elected to his second term as Business Manager/FST for Local 437 NB-PEI David has now a new executive two work with for the next three years. He looks over new collective agreements and jurisdiction in all phases of the trade.


Dimitrius Napkie – Business AgentDimitrius won Election for his second term on June 27, 2017 to become Business Agent. Dimitrius will add strength to the Union by servicing the northern area more adequately while maintaining a strong presence in the other area’s along with servicing our Roofing sector. He has attained recognition as a hard worker and well-liked by this union.


SEAN MCEWEN VICE-PRESIDENT represents Local 437 as the Vice President, as such Sean follows closely behind the President in the next chain of command. Sean will be a great help to this Union and the e-board in particular.

E Board 2

RECORDING SECRETARY was Elected for his first term in this position, colorful as he may seam, Joe takes his office very seriously and will be a big help to his executive. 


Steve Beyea – second term to our e-board as our head trustee.

The other two Trustees are Josh Mills and Trevor White.

Josh Mills 20171018_185046_1

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